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Digital Forensic Experts

Fields Associates is a consultancy firm specialising in digital forensics, security and electronic discovery who have, following our formation in 1999, assisted numerous high-profile and prestigious clients from solicitors firms, law-enforcement agencies and numerous organisations within both the private and public sectors.

Unrivaled Experience

Technology now plays a prominent role in our everyday lives and the need for a robust, skilled and reliable team of experts to hand cannot be understated. Whether you need assistance discovering evidence stored on an electronic device, or an expert report with witness testimony to assist with litigation, Fields Associates has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

If you require
Digital Forensic Services
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  • 01 Speciality.

    We specialise in the recovery and analysis of digital evidence from computer hard drives, data storage devices and tablets or mobile telephones.
  • 02 Legal Areas.

    We specialise in criminal, civil, commercial and family law matters including UK military court-martial hearings.
  • 03 Live Investigation.

    We can investigate suspected in-house wrongdoing within companies by locating evidence and presenting it efft]ectively.
  • 04 Credible Evidence.

    We provide credible evidence given by a reputable experts that can influence the outcome of any computer-related case.
  • 05 Support.

    We can offer help in any litigation process from illegal trafficking to murder including fraud, theft, corporate espionage, bankruptcies, wrongful termination, property disputes, divorces, indecent images, harassment and personal injury.

Computer Forensics —

“The practice of gathering, analysing, and preserving data from digital media (computers, mobile phones, etc) in an authentic, accurate and complete form so that it may be acceptable as evidence in a court of law.”

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Computer Forensics

Secure Data

Confidential material involving personal client data is subject to various legal restrictions controlling storage, transported and disposal. Fields Associates offers a secure data erasure service that allows businesses to securely dispose of any item of computer media. Features of the service includes:

  • Complete Audit Trail — Each erasure is recorded on a detailed audit report to confirm that the item(s) have been witnessed as being disposed of efficiently, confidentially and securely.
  • Guaranteed Data Destruction — An iron-clad guarantee that all data is destroyed permanently and can never be recovered.
  • Tracked Transport — Each erasure is recorded on a detailed transport log and GPS tracked ensuring that the target media has been securely transported.
  • Court Compliant Witness Statements — Comprehensive witness statements covering the transport, storage and disposal of all target media.

Secure Services

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Trusted Experience

Trusted Experience

Our experts have been trusted to provide expert witness reports and testimony in over 600 recent cases. These include various high-profile criminal cases involving Terrorism, Murder, Manslaughter, Murder-Rape, Possession of Unlawful Images, Assault, Armed Robbery & Arson.

We have provided assistance in a variety of legal arenas including Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, High Courts, Appeal Courts and Military Court-Martials. We aim to provide our clients with clear, concise and timely expert reports with a minimum of fuss.

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