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Computer Forensics And Digital Evidence Courses

Digital Forensics: The practice of gathering, analysing, and preserving data from digital media (computers, mobile phones, etc.) in an authentic, accurate and complete form so that it may be acceptable as evidence in a court of law.


The surge in the number of crimes that leave a trail of digital evidence has placed a burden on today’s lawyers to adopt a level of technical understanding not required of their predecessors.

Fields Associates, one of the UK‘s leading Computer Forensics and Expert Witness Testimony Consultancies, has drawn upon its experience and expertise to design a series of short computer forensic courses aimed at addressing the specific needs of today’s legal practitioners.

The courses are designed primarily for legal professionals who wish to acquire a broader understanding of the techniques and issues involved in this fascinating, meticulous and increasingly important field of investigation.

Devised in-house by our highly experienced digital forensic investigators, our intensive programs cover aspects such as:

  • Correct handling procedures for computer evidence to ensure admissibility
  • Computer evidence and the Internet
  • Tools and techniques
  • Mobile telephone evidence
  • Practical forensic examination of digital media


Attendees will gain essential knowledge of the key concepts involved in investigating digital media for forensic evidence – from the most likely places on a PC in which to find digital artefacts of evidentiary value to ‘best practice’ handling of media to ensure admissibility.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of the theory and practice of digital forensic procedures and the terminology (jargon) used
  • Greater insight into the potential application of forensic evidence within legal cases
  • The ability to more accurately interpret forensic reports
  • Increased confidence in dealing with cases involving digital forensic evidence
  • The effective combination of the above towards a more efficient and successful outcome in legal cases involving digital forensic evidence

Furthermore, an increased understanding of digital forensics should help lawyers/solicitors to better manage evidence into a compelling legal case or, indeed, to make a more informed decision when selecting the most appropriate expert witness to assist with a case.


All our one/two-day intensive courses mix theory and practice and include reviews of actual cases. Our courses also contribute to the annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training for lawyers and solicitors as required by the Law Society. Please click on the relevant course title for full details.

Course Venue and Prerequisites

Courses are designed for delivery at the local venues. However, courses can be held at the premises of attendees by prior arrangement, should there be sufficient interest.

Prior knowledge of the leading forensic software tools is not required as they will be covered during the courses. However, a basic familiarity of using PCs and the Microsoft Windows environment would be beneficial.

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About Us


Fields Associates is a consultancy firm specialising in digital forensics, security and electronic discovery who have, following our formation in 1999, assisted numerous high-profile and prestigious clients from solicitors firms, law-enforcement agencies and numerous organisations within both the private and public sectors.

Technology now plays a prominent role in our everyday lives and the need to have a robust, skilled and reliable team of experts to hand cannot be understated. Irrespective of whether you require assistance discovering evidence stored on any kind of electronic device, an expert report or witness testimony to assist with litigation or to implement new and more dependable information security systems, Fields Associates has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

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